Opportunities opened here in Spain

Hola sweet family and friends!! February was filled with continued growth, a special visit from my beautiful mom, and building on relationships!! I have less than 100 days left in A Coruña, the place God has led me to share the the sole hope of this world which is Jesus Christ!! God has blessed me with providing ministries and opportunities here that reach all different ages and cultures!! Before I explain those opportunities, I want to share some background information on Spain and why sharing the Gospel here is so vital——>>

Background Information:

-In the 16th century, Martin Luther began a revolution that shared the truth that through faith comes salvation not through requirements and rituals that the Church stated and it spread throughout Europe but never reached Spain. Because this revolution never reached Spain, the country was never exposed to personal salvation or faith.

-In the 20th century, Franco continued to put the Roman Catholic Church as the sole religious controller of the country. It was not until after the death of Franco and a new constitution in 1978, that complete freedom of belief began.

-When people hear of Spain many think of the beautiful and diverse history, but people are unaware that part of their history includes banning the Bible in Spanish and burning Protestants as heretics which has caused thousands of towns to have no evangelical presence.


-Spain falls under an “unreached people group”

-Roman Catholicism is in deep decline after reigning as the dominant religious in Spain over 600 years. Many people have discovered the corruption of the Roman Catholic Church here which has caused a decline in numbers and influence here in Spain.

-A majority of Spain has an uninformed view of evangelicals because of the background information I listed above.

Forming relationships are a key component in our ministries here in A Coruña. In any kind of relationship, trust and transparency start to blossom as you grow deeper with one another. In all my relationships here, I pray daily for God to grow them and open doors in our conversations to be able to share the story of Jesus and His everlasting love for them!!

Opportunities God has opened for me here:

  • English club: a club where people of all different ages and cultures come to practice their English through games, conversation topics, and activities. Many unbelievers attend this club and it is an incredible opportunity to grow with people outside of the club on a deeper level and plant seeds in their lives!!
  • Kids club: An hour and a half full of worship and dancing, Bible stories, prayer, and arts and crafts. Seeing little kids worship our Heavenly Father and pray sweet Spanish prayers always fills my heart with so much joy!!
  • English service: A night service twice a month in English that is open to anyone who wants to come worship and hear sermons in English. I have been given the opportunity to be a part of the worship team which has made me step out of my comfort zone majorly!!
  • Dance choreography with the youth: I have been given the opportunity to choreograph dances for the local church we are involved with here and invest and pour into the youth through my passion of dance. Every teenager is so special and I am so thankful God opened the door for me to grow with them with the gift of dance He has given me!!
  • Spanish classes: I take Spanish classes at a local language school where I have met many people of all different cultures in my class. I am continuing to grow in relationships with them outside of class and am praying for God to open doors in our conversations!!
  • Second hand shop: I work a couple days a week at a second hand shop which is connected through the local church and is an amazing opportunity to meet locals and connect and serve them. The store is a beautiful outlet to have conversations with customers and ultimately glorify the Lord!!
  • GBU college Bible study: I am plugged into a college Bible study here that is full of inviting and loving people who are on mission to shine God’s light in their university. This group has been such an answered prayer and getting to grow with this community of believers all similar ages has been truly incredible!!

Thank you everyone for your continued prayers and support!! Spain has such a special place in my heart and I’m glad I got to share with you some history and opportunities God has opened for my team and I here in A Coruña!!

||Prayer Requests||

-confidence and boldness in sharing my faith in Spanish

-health of my team

-deeper conversations in my relationships here

-growth in our ministries

English ClubKids Club Worship at English service Dance choreography with the youth GBU girls from our college Bible study

Author: kaylamcdonaldblog

Hey y’all! I just graduated (go class of 2018!) and am taking a gap year to share God’s light to the people of Spain for 8 months! I can’t wait to see how God uses my team and I to be vessels to shine a light for His kingdom! Also some other fun facts are I’m obsessed with iced coffee, love to dance, and am a huge Christian rap fan! If y’all want to keep up with my adventures in Spain, I will be writing blogs throughout my time there! Remember YOU ARE LOVED and YOU HAVE A PURPOSE!

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