Growth and Gratitude

AA79D4BB-454A-4511-970F-8E11FE1CE806I am almost at the halfway mark on my journey in Spain!! It is mind blowing to think how fast this time is flying by and how much God has grown me through His Word and this experience already in the first few months!! January has been filled with abundant growth in contentment, gratitude, and relationships God has brought into my life!! I have dug into the book of Proverbs this month which provides so much wisdom from the Lord in every single passage WOW!! One passage that stood out to me and has been on my heart is, “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” [Proverbs 16:9] The Lord is guiding me through every step here in Spain and is continuing to show me His plan is far greater and more amazing than what I could ever imagine in my mind!! Being honest, I believe that January is the first month I’ve been truly content and confident in my heart the purpose God has for me here in Spain and knowing that the Lord has me here in A Coruña at this very exact moment for a reason which is to share with others the hope that is found in Jesus alone. I have seen my Heavenly Father show His faithfulness in so many different areas and ministries this month and am eager to see the things He has planned for the remaining months!! My heart overflows with gratitude seeing the Lord provide each specific person on my team here in A Coruña that pour so much truth and wisdom into me!! December was a vital time that needed to happen in my journey here in Spain to light an even bigger fire in my heart for the people here and I am so grateful for the ways God grew me and continues to grow me today in His steadfast love and being at peace in resting in HIM ALONE!! Every month has their ups and downs but I have learned here that there are always more things to be thankful for than not!!!

Some highlights of God’s faithfulness this month—>>

a Spanish class opening up at the local language school after all of the classes being completely full when we arrived. My team and I are all registered and are excited to see the people God brings into our path through the class which starts next week!! (THIS IS SUCH A BIG, ANSWERED PRAYER!!)

-God giving me the confidence to sing by myself for the first time ever at our English service!! This brought me out of my comfort zone majorly but God provided me peace and joy when I was singing for His Glorious Name!!

-God growing so many beautiful friendships this month in my team and the different ministries we are involved with who have turned into my community here in Spain!! I’m continuing to pray for opportunities to grow deeper with these friendships God has brought me and plant seeds in their lives!!

-Our team has and are continuing to pray radical prayers for the unbelievers here that God has brought into our lives! This past English service in January, some unbelievers we have been praying over came to the service!! God is so faithful!!

God is moving here in A Coruña and I am excited to see the ways He will work through my team and I in the next 4 months we are here!! Thank you everyone for your continued prayers and words of encouragement!! In my next blog, I will be talking about what days look like here and the different opportunities God has provided me here in A Coruña to share His light!!


continuing to build on friendships God has brought into my life and for boldness in my faith

-safe travels for our parents as they come for parents week this month to experience what our life and ministries look like here in A Coruña!!

-intentionality with forming relationships with Spaniards

Author: kaylamcdonaldblog

Hey y’all! I just graduated (go class of 2018!) and am taking a gap year to share God’s light to the people of Spain for 8 months! I can’t wait to see how God uses my team and I to be vessels to shine a light for His kingdom! Also some other fun facts are I’m obsessed with iced coffee, love to dance, and am a huge Christian rap fan! If y’all want to keep up with my adventures in Spain, I will be writing blogs throughout my time there! Remember YOU ARE LOVED and YOU HAVE A PURPOSE!

2 thoughts on “Growth and Gratitude”

  1. Such great news Kayla!! So excited to hear that your relationship with the Lord is growing and that your heart is longing for each soul who doesn’t know Jesus! Keep up the excellent service for the Lord!


  2. Kayla,

    I look forward to your blogs from Spain. January sounded like an awesome month for the four of you, full of God’s direction, wisdom and love. We pray for a joyful and love filled week with your mom’s, safety throughout their journey. We send our love. Grammy and Grandpa

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