The Little Things

HOLA FRIENDS AND FAMILY!! Ever since I got here, God has been growing me majorly in gratitude for every single moment no matter how small or big it is!! I see God’s hand in the little moments of each day here in Spain. Before I came to Spain around a month and a half ago (WOW IT SEEMS LIKE SUCH A LONG TIME AGO NOW!) , I saw God’s power and faithfulness shine but only truly noticed it in the big things He did in my life! I looked at His goodness with my lens only focused on the BIG THINGS He was doing in my life. All the little things play a part in the plan God has for me here in my time in A Coruna and He keeps reminding me to give thanks to Him in the simplest, little moments because it’s a perfect part of His plan! I found this quote the other day that speaks perfectly to what I’ve been learning about the little things God is doing my life and it says, “There is so much beauty in these moments He is giving you. And even when you already know it to be true, sometimes it is the little things that remind you His never-ending goodness has never left you[Morgan Harper Nichols]. When I read this, it gave me goosebumps (mostly cause I was freezing walking to the bus stop for Spanish class) but it truly describes how my Heavenly Father has been widening my big picture lens to include every little moment He is working through in my life. In honor of it being the season of thanksgiving , I made up a list of little things that bring my heart so much joy and what God has been pushing me in here in Spain!!

It’s kind of a long list and these are just some highlights but LET THE JOY BEGIN—————>>>>

  • Morning quiet time with the Lord
  • FaceTime
  • Radical prayers
  • Journaling the ways God is growing me
  • Sunny days
  • Stillness
  • Spoomie lunch conversations
  • Praying short prayers in Spanish
  • Finding the good in every day
  • Growing in boldness
  • Intentional living
  • God continuing to bring more and more people to love on in our English Club
  • Genuine laughter
  • Working at the local second hand shop with the nicest women that I can practice my Spanish with
  • Confidently walking through the city knowing I serve a mighty God who will never leave or forsake me
  • Weekly team prayer meetings spent encouraging and praying over each other
  • Hot water bottles that heat our bed (SERIOUSLY THE BEST THING EVER!!)
  • Dancing and singing with the cutest children at kids club
  • Learning to cook
  • Sharing what God’s teaching us with one another
  • Jamming to worship music in the mornings on the way to Spanish class
  • Meeting people from all different cultures
  • Cafe con leches
  • God making me uncomfortable which leads me to cling to Him solely for strength
  • Spanish classes with Jonah and Austin and our amazing professor, Emilio
  • Spanish worship
  • Opportunities to get to know people and build relationships with them
  • Given the ability to use my passion for dance to choreograph Christmas dances with teens and love on the overlooked teenagers at the church we serve with
  • Strangers saying “Buenas Dias” with a big smile
  • God providing me the confidence to help lead worship at our international services
  • Praying over a specific OM team around the world each week
  • Listening to podcasts and reflecting in my favorite coffee shop, Agra, before class in the mornings
  • Rain jackets
  • Letters from my loving friends and family
  • Bilingual people
  • Walking around and seeing God’s hand in every beautiful building and scenic view
  • Open invitation to a college bible study where we have met some of the most amazing people who we can grow with when we are here and connect with in our stage of life because of very similar ages (SUCH AN ANSWERED PRAYER!!)
  • God’s faithfulness
  • Weekly grocery shopping with Maddie
  • Movie nights with the spoomies
  • Fuzzy socks
  • Big sweaters
  • Google translate
  • When the bus comes when it says it will on the bus app
  • Spanish chocolate
  • Deep conversations
  • Becoming more confident in speaking Spanish every week
  • Seeing sunflowers
  • Austin’s big heart
  • OM Spain Team’s loving welcome to all of us
  • Jonah’s love for cards and board games
  • Maddie’s bomb Spotify playlists
  • Monse’s warm chicken and vegetable soup
  • God proving His peace
  • My team’s selfless and caring attitudes towards one another
  • God continuing to open doors for us to spread His light

*In future blogs, I will be talking about the different ministries God has provided for us here more in depth and different opportunities He is bringing to our team to share His everlasting love!!


To grow in relationships already made and opportunities to meet others who need the light of Jesus in their lives

Boldness and intentionality

Our team’s health with the frequent cold and rainy days

Spanish classes

Author: kaylamcdonaldblog

Hey y’all! I just graduated (go class of 2018!) and am taking a gap year to share God’s light to the people of Spain for 8 months! I can’t wait to see how God uses my team and I to be vessels to shine a light for His kingdom! Also some other fun facts are I’m obsessed with iced coffee, love to dance, and am a huge Christian rap fan! If y’all want to keep up with my adventures in Spain, I will be writing blogs throughout my time there! Remember YOU ARE LOVED and YOU HAVE A PURPOSE!

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