Life, Growth, Cultivation

Buenas Días!! I have 3 weeks left in mi casa en A Coruña!! WHAT?? I am currently feeling a lot of different emotions!! This blog has taken so long to write because there are so many things I want to share with you guys but honestly I have found it difficult to put it in words. So many memories, so many friendships, so many Spanish classes, so many learning experiences, so many cafe con leches, and so many more things that I have discovered here in A Coruña. I stand in awe of my Heavenly Father seeing the growth He has done in my own life and those around me from when I first arrived in October to now!! March and April has been filled with many incredible things that have shined God’s faithfulness and also has been a time full of God revealing things to me and really cultivating my personal relationship with Him!! To CULTIVATE something is to make a special effort to improve and develop it because you think it is important. YOU GUYS IT’S A DAILY DECISION!! I have realized the difference in my heart and attitude on how I view the day and my purpose here when I do not have an extended amount of time reading God’s Word and just simply sitting and spending time with Him. I have learned that simply sitting in the presence of my Heavenly Father produces an unexplainable peace that transcends over my entire life!! It is a daily choice to spend time resting in God’s Word and not simply just reading but asking the Lord what He wants me to learn from His scripture and moving deeper past the surface level!! The word “cultivate” has become a word that God has specifically placed on my heart these past 2 months and it is a daily growing process that comes with examining my own life and surrendering my will to God’s which comes with chipping away that can be painful at times. Through this process I have had many nights on my knees beside my bed praying to my Heavenly Father and am learning daily to give the things on my heart to the Lord and not keep them built up inside me!! Honest talk: Coming to Spain for 8 months was something I felt God leading me towards and when I said yes I was so excited but more than that fear of the unknown creeped in my heart. Reflecting back to saying yes to taking a gap year was probably the boldest, scariest, most awesome moment in my walk with the Lord at the time and I have seen over and over His faithfulness and grace throughout this journey!! When God leads you somewhere, He will provide and I have seen His provision every day here in A Coruña. It has been a journey that has changed me in ways I can’t even put into words at this moment and has taught me to looks at missions overall with a totally different perspective.

(Side note: I found this acronym a couple months ago that has really stuck with me and I have been praying for growth in abiding in the Lord. This little acronym has been a daily reminder for me and I wanted to share it 🙂 )

Adore His majesty in prayer

Bless Him through service

Incline your heart toward His Word

Dwell deep in His love

Exalt Him with joy

[Now for some updates on some things that have happened the past couple months]

-ReThink: incredible event with our GBU college Bible study that included open sessions on the college campus about controversial topics and the Biblical response to them, sessions at a cafe talking about topics through the lenses of God’s Word, and question booths set up throughout the campus getting people to really think about what they believe. It was definitely one of my favorite things I have done during my time here and it inspired me seeing these college students being bold in their faith among their fellow students who need the light of Jesus in their lives!!

-English club growth

-Our OM team has visited a couple cities outside of A Coruña and spent time there praying over future church plants if it is in God’s will

-growth in relationships with the youth on a deeper level

-choreographed a dance for the youth that we performed on Easter

-growth in friendships formed through English club and Spanish classes

-went to a Galician church conference full of believers of different churches united praising the Lord [such an impactful and inspirational day!!]

(These last few weeks of my time here holds many things I have been praying over and I would ask you to help join me in prayer specifically for—->>)

1. Youth camp: please be praying for the youth to have open hearts to what the Lord is going to do

2. Boldness

3. My friend, Kiki, from Austria; please be praying for intentional conversations

4. OM convention: please be praying for safe travels to Madrid

5. Deep conversations

6. Peace about leaving very soon

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Opportunities opened here in Spain

Hola sweet family and friends!! February was filled with continued growth, a special visit from my beautiful mom, and building on relationships!! I have less than 100 days left in A Coruña, the place God has led me to share the the sole hope of this world which is Jesus Christ!! God has blessed me with providing ministries and opportunities here that reach all different ages and cultures!! Before I explain those opportunities, I want to share some background information on Spain and why sharing the Gospel here is so vital——>>

Background Information:

-In the 16th century, Martin Luther began a revolution that shared the truth that through faith comes salvation not through requirements and rituals that the Church stated and it spread throughout Europe but never reached Spain. Because this revolution never reached Spain, the country was never exposed to personal salvation or faith.

-In the 20th century, Franco continued to put the Roman Catholic Church as the sole religious controller of the country. It was not until after the death of Franco and a new constitution in 1978, that complete freedom of belief began.

-When people hear of Spain many think of the beautiful and diverse history, but people are unaware that part of their history includes banning the Bible in Spanish and burning Protestants as heretics which has caused thousands of towns to have no evangelical presence.


-Spain falls under an “unreached people group”

-Roman Catholicism is in deep decline after reigning as the dominant religious in Spain over 600 years. Many people have discovered the corruption of the Roman Catholic Church here which has caused a decline in numbers and influence here in Spain.

-A majority of Spain has an uninformed view of evangelicals because of the background information I listed above.

Forming relationships are a key component in our ministries here in A Coruña. In any kind of relationship, trust and transparency start to blossom as you grow deeper with one another. In all my relationships here, I pray daily for God to grow them and open doors in our conversations to be able to share the story of Jesus and His everlasting love for them!!

Opportunities God has opened for me here:

  • English club: a club where people of all different ages and cultures come to practice their English through games, conversation topics, and activities. Many unbelievers attend this club and it is an incredible opportunity to grow with people outside of the club on a deeper level and plant seeds in their lives!!
  • Kids club: An hour and a half full of worship and dancing, Bible stories, prayer, and arts and crafts. Seeing little kids worship our Heavenly Father and pray sweet Spanish prayers always fills my heart with so much joy!!
  • English service: A night service twice a month in English that is open to anyone who wants to come worship and hear sermons in English. I have been given the opportunity to be a part of the worship team which has made me step out of my comfort zone majorly!!
  • Dance choreography with the youth: I have been given the opportunity to choreograph dances for the local church we are involved with here and invest and pour into the youth through my passion of dance. Every teenager is so special and I am so thankful God opened the door for me to grow with them with the gift of dance He has given me!!
  • Spanish classes: I take Spanish classes at a local language school where I have met many people of all different cultures in my class. I am continuing to grow in relationships with them outside of class and am praying for God to open doors in our conversations!!
  • Second hand shop: I work a couple days a week at a second hand shop which is connected through the local church and is an amazing opportunity to meet locals and connect and serve them. The store is a beautiful outlet to have conversations with customers and ultimately glorify the Lord!!
  • GBU college Bible study: I am plugged into a college Bible study here that is full of inviting and loving people who are on mission to shine God’s light in their university. This group has been such an answered prayer and getting to grow with this community of believers all similar ages has been truly incredible!!

Thank you everyone for your continued prayers and support!! Spain has such a special place in my heart and I’m glad I got to share with you some history and opportunities God has opened for my team and I here in A Coruña!!

||Prayer Requests||

-confidence and boldness in sharing my faith in Spanish

-health of my team

-deeper conversations in my relationships here

-growth in our ministries

English ClubKids Club Worship at English service Dance choreography with the youth GBU girls from our college Bible study

Growth and Gratitude

AA79D4BB-454A-4511-970F-8E11FE1CE806I am almost at the halfway mark on my journey in Spain!! It is mind blowing to think how fast this time is flying by and how much God has grown me through His Word and this experience already in the first few months!! January has been filled with abundant growth in contentment, gratitude, and relationships God has brought into my life!! I have dug into the book of Proverbs this month which provides so much wisdom from the Lord in every single passage WOW!! One passage that stood out to me and has been on my heart is, “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” [Proverbs 16:9] The Lord is guiding me through every step here in Spain and is continuing to show me His plan is far greater and more amazing than what I could ever imagine in my mind!! Being honest, I believe that January is the first month I’ve been truly content and confident in my heart the purpose God has for me here in Spain and knowing that the Lord has me here in A Coruña at this very exact moment for a reason which is to share with others the hope that is found in Jesus alone. I have seen my Heavenly Father show His faithfulness in so many different areas and ministries this month and am eager to see the things He has planned for the remaining months!! My heart overflows with gratitude seeing the Lord provide each specific person on my team here in A Coruña that pour so much truth and wisdom into me!! December was a vital time that needed to happen in my journey here in Spain to light an even bigger fire in my heart for the people here and I am so grateful for the ways God grew me and continues to grow me today in His steadfast love and being at peace in resting in HIM ALONE!! Every month has their ups and downs but I have learned here that there are always more things to be thankful for than not!!!

Some highlights of God’s faithfulness this month—>>

a Spanish class opening up at the local language school after all of the classes being completely full when we arrived. My team and I are all registered and are excited to see the people God brings into our path through the class which starts next week!! (THIS IS SUCH A BIG, ANSWERED PRAYER!!)

-God giving me the confidence to sing by myself for the first time ever at our English service!! This brought me out of my comfort zone majorly but God provided me peace and joy when I was singing for His Glorious Name!!

-God growing so many beautiful friendships this month in my team and the different ministries we are involved with who have turned into my community here in Spain!! I’m continuing to pray for opportunities to grow deeper with these friendships God has brought me and plant seeds in their lives!!

-Our team has and are continuing to pray radical prayers for the unbelievers here that God has brought into our lives! This past English service in January, some unbelievers we have been praying over came to the service!! God is so faithful!!

God is moving here in A Coruña and I am excited to see the ways He will work through my team and I in the next 4 months we are here!! Thank you everyone for your continued prayers and words of encouragement!! In my next blog, I will be talking about what days look like here and the different opportunities God has provided me here in A Coruña to share His light!!


continuing to build on friendships God has brought into my life and for boldness in my faith

-safe travels for our parents as they come for parents week this month to experience what our life and ministries look like here in A Coruña!!

-intentionality with forming relationships with Spaniards

God’s Everlasting Love

Honestly these past couple weeks have been the roughest emotionally for me with not being with my family and best friends over the holidays. I’ve caught myself not being fully present here and wanting to go home to celebrate Christmas with the people I love back home. I knew the Christmas season would be tough but it hit me much harder than I expected. I cried more than I think I ever have in a week span seeing pictures of my friends and family celebrating over the holiday season. This is the first time of my trip that I’ve truly experienced homesickness and instead of ignoring those sad feelings I let them all into my heart hoping God could use those feelings. Although it has been some of the most emotional weeks, He has used those feelings and it has been some of the most growing weeks with my relationship with the Lord. With being here for around 2 1/2 months I have been starting to get comfortable and not being as intentional as I should be. I’ve been praying daily for God to grow me to lean on Him and His Word more and more. He answered that prayer and I felt broken and had feelings of loneliness and sadness and found myself praying out to God to fill me up because I’ve realized He is the only one who can. God has delivered His incredible strength to me through His Word, prayer, and the people here in A Coruña and these past couple days I have felt renewed in His light!! I’ve been reminded by the Lord of my mission here and have felt His love more than I ever have before. He has lit my heart with a new fire for Him and His people here that do not know about His everlasting love!! Isn’t it incredible that we serve a Heavenly Father who gives us strength even in the most broken days!! God laid a passage of scripture on my heart that I have read every day the past couple weeks that has reminded me that I lack nothing and am eternally loved as a Child of God:

“The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake. Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” [Psalm 23]

Walking into the new year, I know I have a guide that I can trust to lead me in my remaining months and that He is good and loving no matter what my day looks like!!

Prayer requests:

-more confidence and boldness speaking in Spanish

-my roommate, Monse, to have a safe flight back to Mexico


The Little Things

HOLA FRIENDS AND FAMILY!! Ever since I got here, God has been growing me majorly in gratitude for every single moment no matter how small or big it is!! I see God’s hand in the little moments of each day here in Spain. Before I came to Spain around a month and a half ago (WOW IT SEEMS LIKE SUCH A LONG TIME AGO NOW!) , I saw God’s power and faithfulness shine but only truly noticed it in the big things He did in my life! I looked at His goodness with my lens only focused on the BIG THINGS He was doing in my life. All the little things play a part in the plan God has for me here in my time in A Coruna and He keeps reminding me to give thanks to Him in the simplest, little moments because it’s a perfect part of His plan! I found this quote the other day that speaks perfectly to what I’ve been learning about the little things God is doing my life and it says, “There is so much beauty in these moments He is giving you. And even when you already know it to be true, sometimes it is the little things that remind you His never-ending goodness has never left you[Morgan Harper Nichols]. When I read this, it gave me goosebumps (mostly cause I was freezing walking to the bus stop for Spanish class) but it truly describes how my Heavenly Father has been widening my big picture lens to include every little moment He is working through in my life. In honor of it being the season of thanksgiving , I made up a list of little things that bring my heart so much joy and what God has been pushing me in here in Spain!!

It’s kind of a long list and these are just some highlights but LET THE JOY BEGIN—————>>>>

  • Morning quiet time with the Lord
  • FaceTime
  • Radical prayers
  • Journaling the ways God is growing me
  • Sunny days
  • Stillness
  • Spoomie lunch conversations
  • Praying short prayers in Spanish
  • Finding the good in every day
  • Growing in boldness
  • Intentional living
  • God continuing to bring more and more people to love on in our English Club
  • Genuine laughter
  • Working at the local second hand shop with the nicest women that I can practice my Spanish with
  • Confidently walking through the city knowing I serve a mighty God who will never leave or forsake me
  • Weekly team prayer meetings spent encouraging and praying over each other
  • Hot water bottles that heat our bed (SERIOUSLY THE BEST THING EVER!!)
  • Dancing and singing with the cutest children at kids club
  • Learning to cook
  • Sharing what God’s teaching us with one another
  • Jamming to worship music in the mornings on the way to Spanish class
  • Meeting people from all different cultures
  • Cafe con leches
  • God making me uncomfortable which leads me to cling to Him solely for strength
  • Spanish classes with Jonah and Austin and our amazing professor, Emilio
  • Spanish worship
  • Opportunities to get to know people and build relationships with them
  • Given the ability to use my passion for dance to choreograph Christmas dances with teens and love on the overlooked teenagers at the church we serve with
  • Strangers saying “Buenas Dias” with a big smile
  • God providing me the confidence to help lead worship at our international services
  • Praying over a specific OM team around the world each week
  • Listening to podcasts and reflecting in my favorite coffee shop, Agra, before class in the mornings
  • Rain jackets
  • Letters from my loving friends and family
  • Bilingual people
  • Walking around and seeing God’s hand in every beautiful building and scenic view
  • Open invitation to a college bible study where we have met some of the most amazing people who we can grow with when we are here and connect with in our stage of life because of very similar ages (SUCH AN ANSWERED PRAYER!!)
  • God’s faithfulness
  • Weekly grocery shopping with Maddie
  • Movie nights with the spoomies
  • Fuzzy socks
  • Big sweaters
  • Google translate
  • When the bus comes when it says it will on the bus app
  • Spanish chocolate
  • Deep conversations
  • Becoming more confident in speaking Spanish every week
  • Seeing sunflowers
  • Austin’s big heart
  • OM Spain Team’s loving welcome to all of us
  • Jonah’s love for cards and board games
  • Maddie’s bomb Spotify playlists
  • Monse’s warm chicken and vegetable soup
  • God proving His peace
  • My team’s selfless and caring attitudes towards one another
  • God continuing to open doors for us to spread His light

*In future blogs, I will be talking about the different ministries God has provided for us here more in depth and different opportunities He is bringing to our team to share His everlasting love!!


To grow in relationships already made and opportunities to meet others who need the light of Jesus in their lives

Boldness and intentionality

Our team’s health with the frequent cold and rainy days

Spanish classes

New Normal

I’m sitting here in my bunk bed 4,029 miles from home listening to a rain storm outside (which happens frequently here) with pictures of my friends and family surrounding me, Maddie journaling on the top bunk, and a unicorn colored heating pillow keeping me warm->-> THIS IS MY NEW NORMAL! 

I’ve called A Coruna, Spain my new home for almost 2 weeks but it feels like I’ve lived here for so much longer with the true love and care I’ve been shown from everyone involved in OM Spain since Day 1! From first impressions, A Coruna’s beautiful buildings and history instantly took my breath away but what caught my eye more than that was how much the people here need the light of Jesus in their lives! Our Global Year team is under direction of OM Spain here in A Coruna which stands for Operation Mobilization and is an incredible movement committed to reach the whole world with Biblical evangelism! According to Operation World, Spain only holds 0.4% evangelical believers making this country an “unreached people group.” It hurts my heart to see people here have access to the Gospel but choose not to believe in God because of the damaged views people hold on the church and Christianity from the past. I believe God has called our team (aka American Spaniards) to Spain to be a light and show genuine love that we receive from our Almighty God to people who are lost or hurting here.  A key part of evangelism here in Spain is building relationships and bringing the Gospel into the conversation when there is a small opening because people here are not interested in having the Gospel shared with them due to thinking they have everything they need material wise which results in not looking for hope in anything else. Coming from back home living in the Bible Belt and growing up in a Christian school to coming to Spain where they aren’t interested about God and His love, initial conversations with new friends is going to be challenging so I’m praying fervently for God to give me the wisdom and words to speak His truth when an opportunity rises. Even though I don’t know the people God is going to put in my path here and what their views are on Christianity, I’m clinging onto the truth that I have a guide I can trust on this journey and His name is MY HEAVENLY FATHER!

With living here already for 2 weeks, we have adventured around our new home a lot and have experienced the normal for people in A Coruna. Overall, A Coruna definitely holds similarities to America, but also has many differences that will continue to take some time to adjust to. Some things included in my new normal include:

1. Spain’s time is 6 hours ahead of Georgia’s time!! So when I’m starting my day here, everyone back in Georgia are still deep in their REM sleep and when I’m getting ready for bed, people in Georgia are coming home from their work day or eating dinner. Definitely something I’m still adjusting to with basically living the whole day before my loved ones have even started!!

2. Siesta!! Everything here shuts down from 2-4 for a time of rest and to have a big lunch. Lunch is the biggest meal here which is very different for me coming from America where dinner is the biggest. Our dinners here normally look like soup or toast around 8-9 pm.

3. Spanish everything!! Conversations, supermarkets, and bus stops are all in Spanish. Which of course makes sense we are in Spain but it’s much harder than I was expecting cause my brain is constantly working trying to translate what people are saying even when I have no clue what words they are speaking. We start our first Spanish class today which will be amazing because right now I understand parts of sentences but rely on Maddie to translate basically everything for me.

4. There are coffee shops literally everywhere!! Coffee is huge here and people drink it like water!! I thought I liked coffee in America, but in Spain THERE’S NO COMPARISON and even black with a little bit of sugar it tastes like pure deliciousness. Maddie and I’s go to order is the cafe con leche and every coffee shop we go to never lets us down.

5. Walking or taking the bus are our main ways of transportation!! The first week we were here, we walked around 9 miles every day which is MUCH DIFFERENT than back home where we just drive everywhere. The bus system takes you everywhere you need to go and our whole team has bus cards that are reloadable and you just scan every time you take the bus which is so easy. I have learned already that the bus is going to be my best friend as the winter days are approaching because when it’s raining or windy, walking will definitely not be my first choice.

I am loving getting to experience the culture here and making A Coruna’s way of life my new normal. I have expereinced some homesickness, but with clinging to God and His Word I see clearly that this is where I’m supposed to be right now and hear Him speaking to me to live in the present because 8 months will fly by in a blink of an eye. I’m praying and ask y’all to pray for me that everyday here I live with intentionality and have an open heart for God to move in any direction He wants to take me. Next week our permanent ministry schedules begin and I can’t wait to work and serve for God’s glory in every area I am put in!! I will be trying to write a couple blogs per month of updates and how God is moving through my team and I here in our new home!!

One thing God has been teaching me: 

Prayer is truly laying it all down (that means EVERYTHING) before Him and letting His will be done. I never have laid EVERY SINGLE THING of my life in His hands until I got to Spain and I’m already seeing His faithfulness shine through every day I’m here! I’m learning to pray big with expectation because I know God’s got me!!!

Prayer requests:

-Intentional relationships with the people here in A Coruna

-Our team’s health as the cold days are approaching

-Spanish classes


Here are some highlights from the first 2 weeks: new bedroom, cafe con leches, exploring funky stores, GY Spain family (minus Taylor), and touring the famous Tower of Hercules———->>

God’s Faithfulness Through The Delays

ONE WEEK FROM TODAY I’LL BE ON A PLANE TO SPAIN!! I feel like it won’t truly hit me that I’m leaving until I’m sitting on the plane saying bye to the place I’ve called home since I was 2 years old: [Georgia]. Leading up to this trip has been such a journey for me in my walk with Jesus. Last blog, I told y’all I was leaving in mid September but plans changed and it got delayed a month due to some complications with the visa process. I’m going to be completely honest, I was upset we were being delayed a month because all my friends were in their new chapters of their life with college and work and I was so readily anticipating mine! I was so ready to start my journey on what I thought was the perfect time but God had other plans. When my trip got delayed, I prayed that God would use me somehow in the extra month I had before I left. Just a couple days after praying that prayer, God answered that prayer in a way I was never expecting! It’s incredible to me that I serve a Father who answers my prayers in ways I would never imagine but are all in His perfect plan for my life.

I received a phone call from my dad saying my grandpa was in desperate need for someone to help him take care of my grandma who was suffering with a terrible neck injury. I got on a plane the next day to North Carolina and was overwhelmed with emotions when I got to their house and saw the condition my grandma was in. My grandma is one of the most active and strong people I know and seeing her not being able to walk or use the bathroom without assistance left me with questions on why this was happening to her and doubts in my heart. Those four days of staying up late, giving her medicine almost every hour, and having to hold her every time she walked was emotionally and physically draining but I would have never changed my decision going and serving my grandma alongside my grandpa. Through the time I was there, my prayers became stronger to God, I was able to read a lot which encouraged and helped me through the hours, and I saw my grandpa serving my grandma selflessly with patience and love. I think my favorite memory of the time I was there was sitting with my grandma in the dark talking and listening to worship music with one another! Even though we were surrounded by darkness in the room and in the situation my grandma was in, we could cling to the light that is JESUS CHRIST and HIS EVERLASTING LOVE!! 

The time spent with my grandma being dependent on my grandpa and I for everything reminded me of how we should live our lives when we have accepted Christ in our hearts. As Christians, our hope and trust is in Jesus!! My grandma needed assistance with every step she took which is how we should be living our lives walking with God. We need God’s guidance and assistance with every step we take in our daily lives. Seeing my grandma struggle with steps painted such a visual picture of the Christian walk to me. Sometimes we struggle walking with God and walking firmly without some stumbles when we are on His directed path for our lives. The verse that came to my mind was, “I will walk by faith even when I can not see.” (2 Corinthians 5:7) That verse is POWERFUL and HITS HARD especially when you are going through something where you don’t know why God is using it in His plan for your life at the time. I was taught through this situation to remember every event that happens in your life is in God’s plan even when it doesn’t make sense. If my trip had not been delayed, I would have never been able to go up and care for my grandma in her time of need which impacted me in my walk with Jesus and helped shape and grow me in love and selflessness. God has a specific plan for every single one of our lives and will use different situations to grow and sharpen us to lean on Him because HE IS OUR SOURCE OF HOPE AND IS THE ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS THE PLAN FOR OUR LIVES!! 

GOD IS FAITHFUL YALL! With this extra month before my trip, I have had more slowness and rest in my life than I have ever had before. At first I though that was a bad thing but I have got to read some incredible books that have helped me in my walk, have intentional fellowship with my incredible friends and family, and dig into God’s Word more than I ever have before! (Side note: Some of the books I have dug into this month are Friend of Sinners by Rich Wilkerson, All In by Mark Batterson, and Radical by David Platt. Go check them out!!) With my trip coming up in a short 7 days, I have been feeling a whole wide range of emotions but two that have stood out to me have been PEACE and JOY! I am scared and anxious of what’s to come of this next chapter but more than that I have an overwhelming peace I can’t explain that GOD’S GOT ME! With the goodbyes starting today to my incredible friends, I am filled with sadness that I won’t be seeing them for a while but I feel this incredible joy remembering how much God has blessed me with bringing each one of them into my life and I’ve never truly stood back and thanked God for each special friend in my life until I started saying my goodbyes today! WOW IM BLESSED!! I know He is working through each one of them and will do great things through them this upcoming year which overcomes my sadness with joy! No matter where you’re called to whether it’s where you are at right now or half way across the world, God’s mission remains the same to love others and shine your light in the darkness!! You are where you are right now because that’s where God wants you to be and when you realize that and fully surrender your life, God will take you in directions you could never even dream of.

God put so much on my heart so I’m sorry if that was a little longer than you were expecting! If you want to get email updates on when I release my monthly blogs in Spain, all you have to do is hit “follow” on the bottom right of the page when you hit the link to view my blog and enter your email address:)

Can you please join me in prayer for my team’s hearts as we prepare to leave in a week, any anxieties or fears we are feeling, and for the flight process to go smoothly. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported me financially or through prayers! Remember that God’s light always shines no matter what you are going through and you can confidently put hope in His powerful name!! 

A Season of Change

After you graduate high school, YOU DECIDE what adventure lies next for you whether it be college, working, or taking a gap year! This season of change looking ahead to your future can feel very overwhelming and can cause lots of anxiety and fear to develop inside your heart. All of these BIG DECISIONS ABOUT LIFE are now on your shoulders and at the end of the day you can get advice from friends and parents but it’s up to you to decide what next steps to take! Stepping out of your comfort zone and heading into the unknown is SCARY STUFF!! Committing to taking a gap year to go to Spain was something I felt called to do by God, but it was very challenging completely surrendering my life to God’s will for me! I have lived in Georgia almost my entire life and have been on trips but never longer than a week and I will be leaving for 8 months to pursue missions in La Coruna, Spain in September! I have gone through many doubts and fears in this season this summer leading up to Spain, but have seen God move more than I ever have in my personal relationship with Him! He has revealed to me some inner struggles I never knew I had in this season and opened up my heart completely to growing through those struggles and leaning on Him alone to get me through them! I have learned a lot this summer leading up to Spain and just wanted to share with y’all some of the things God has laid on my heart…………………………………………………………………………………………
1. God is bigger than any giant you will face
~one of my biggest worries leading up to Spain has been the fear of the language barrier! I took Spanish throughout high school and know a little bit but am definitely still only on that simple Spanish conversation level which includes “Hola!” I have been practicing through looking back in my old Spanish books and watching Spanish soap operas but still have felt very nervous about it! I realized I had not given this giant up to God and when I finally prayed and gave it to Him, the verse “Nothing is impossible with God” (Luke 1:37) came immediately to me and filled me with an abundance of peace! No matter what giant you face in life, GOD IS BIGGER!

2. Powerful prayers move mountains
~at our church right now, we are currently in a series on prayer and it’s been one of the most impactful and powerful series I’ve ever experienced! We serve a God bigger and mightier than we could ever wrap our heads around and I think we sometimes forget that and minimize the prayers we pray to Him! Throughout this whole fundraising process for Spain, I’ve seen God provide and move in ways I could never imagine which shows His faithfulness and power to me! One of my all time favorite worship bops is “Do it again” by elevation worship and I think the lyrics “I’ve seen you move, you move the mountains, and I believe I’ll see you do it again!” perfectly sums up the power of God and HOW HE CAN MOVE ANY MOUNTAIN WE FACE IN OUR LIVES WHEN WE PRAY RADICALLY TO HIS GLORIOUS NAME!

3. God will prepare your heart for wherever you are going if you give your entire heart and trust over to Him
~I have experienced a lot of moments this summer feeling like I’m not prepared or qualified enough to share God’s love with the people in Spain! Ive been reminded time after time though that when you give your fears or worries to God, “the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus!” (Ephesians 4:7) God doesn’t call the qualified, but HE QUALIFIES THE CALLED!

This was my first ever blog which is super exciting cause that means Spain is getting super close! I can’t wait to keep y’all updated throughout the year in Spain through this blog and share the incredible things God teaches me in La Coruna, Spain! Please continue to pray for my team and I as we prepare to leave for Spain in mid to end of September! Have a blessed day and remember how loved you are by our Heavenly Father!